Dinner Menu

Lucca features a 4 course prix fixe with changes occurring weekly.

The first course features a choice of light options such as soup and salad, to get you started.

It is followed by the second course featuring such favorites as gnocchi, risotto, and pasta, including bolognese and amatriciana.

Just when you think it can’t get any better, the third course follows up perfectly with various takes on scallops, salmon, pork, chicken, steak and anything else we can get our hands on.

The final course is a shared dessert plate with a sampling of each of our desserts.

Prix fixe dinner is $43

* 2nd course finished with grated cheese


Much like the food and cocktail offerings, Lucca’s wine list undergoes subtle changes each week highlighted by some fantastic boutique style wines from all over the world. Lucca offers a handful of red and white wines by the glass as well as a versatile selection by the bottle. Lucca enjoys offering “hidden gems” and works diligently with its wine distributor to find some lesser known wines of the highest quality.