Lunch Menu


Lunch Menu

Lunch at Lucca is offered Tuesday through Friday 11am until 2pm.

Handmade pastas, sandwiches, salads and soups are offered daily.

Lucca’s lunch has become known for its amazing quality, exceptional value and speedy execution.

Lunch is counter service only.

$9 Lucca salad is $10


sandwiches include lettuce, tomato, pickle and mayonnaise; along with your choice of a cup of soup, or side salad


Much like the food and cocktail offerings, Lucca’s wine list undergoes subtle changes each week highlighted by some fantastic boutique style wines from all over the world. Lucca offers a handful of red and white wines by the glass as well as a versatile selection by the bottle. Lucca enjoys offering “hidden gems” and works diligently with its wine distributor to find some lesser known wines of the highest quality.